Terms And Conditions – Preston Blinds & Shutters LTD

Terms And Conditions – Preston Blinds & Shutters LTD

Preston Blinds & Shutters LTD (Company No. 13637868) are a professional blinds and shutters company based in Preston, Lancashire. The following Terms & Conditions form the basis for how we conduct ourselves and do business. Please read through before contacting to arrange a quotation.

Once you have made an enquiry, a member of our team shall reach out and arrange a mutually-agreeable time to meet and discuss your new blinds or shutters. Once a meeting has been held, we will send an email with a rough quotation for your new blinds or shutters and a copy of these Terms & Conditions. When you’re in a position to go ahead and place the order, please let us know through email correspondence and we will produce an invoice for payment. We will also confirm when your order has been placed.

Preston Blinds & Shutters are not currently a VAT Registered company, and our prices are without VAT.

Depending on the type of blind or shutter that you’re looking to order, the ordering process can vary in length from 2-3 weeks through to 12-14 weeks for our more complex shutters. Our busy periods are generally September-December and May-August and we will endeavour to keep in touch as much as possible throughout the ordering process, to keep you abreast of any changes or updates with your new blinds or shutters.

Every order placed with Preston Blinds & Shutters is bespoke and made-to-measure around your window. As a result of this, we take a minimum 100% deposit on blinds and a 70% deposit on shutter orders. This balance is due before we place the order. There may be a fitting charge applicable, which is payable on the day to Preston Blinds & Shutters.

We accept payment through BACS and PayPal. We do accept PayPal’s Pay In 3 option providing that your account is verified and meets their minimum standards. We do not accept any other form of payment terms. Should you wish to cancel your order after we have measured at your property, we reserve the right to charge a £100 administration fee to cover costs of our time and materials. The customer should be aware of this prior to commencing their order with us.

During installation day, we ask that a member of your household be present. This person needs to be over the age of 18 and needs to have prior consent from yourself to oversee the installation. We also ask that you remove your old blinds prior to our team attending your home, and ask that you give the window a rough clean first.

If anything were to go wrong during your installation day or the ordering process, our team will make you aware of any changes at the first convenience. It is unlikely that something will go wrong, but we do have a system in place to ensure that our customers are not left feeling dissatisfied. However, if you do have any concerns, please report them instantly to Preston Blinds & Shutters LTD.

We cannot and will not be held accountable for any damages taken place 24 hours after installation. Our responsibility as a company pertains solely to installing your blinds correctly and ensuring that they’re in a good position once we leave site.

Preston Blinds & Shutters have no liability for any failure to deliver goods. Situations beyond our control may include:

  • Third party delays or damage
  • Strikes
  • Breakdown
  • Floods, fire or accidental damages

While many of our customers choose for Preston Blinds & Shutters’ to carryout the installation, we do also give the option for “supply only”. If you, the customer, are providing Preston Blinds & Shutters with your own measurements, we cannot be held liable for any incorrections and we cannot accept the return of bespoke, made-to-measure blinds or shutters as a result of incorrect measurements supplied to us by yourself. Neither can Preston Blinds & Shutters be held responsible for the installation of your blinds or shutters, and will not be held responsible for the products once they have left our office.

Preston Blinds & Shutters may make further charges for additional time, cost or materials that may arise during the installation of your order. These will be conveyed verbally and through email, should this occur. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your property that is not foreseeable, or for the cost of repairing any pre-existing faults or issues in your property.

Your order will legally become your property once we have received full payment. Your blinds or shutters become your responsibility from the time that they arrived at your property.

Preston Blinds & Shutters work with a variety of upstanding, reputable suppliers across the UK. During your consultation, our team will describe the product and show brochures with details on our blinds and shutters. These are for illustrative and marketing purposes only and we cannot guarantee the precise nature of the product or fabric.

The exact shade or colour may not be a true likeness, and please be advised that colour discrepancies can happen. The exact shade or colour of your blinds or shutters may be different when viewed in your home, compared to looking in a brochure. As a result of their ever-changing manufacturing processes, we cannot guarantee that products, colours or patterns ordered at different times will be exactly the same.

If there are any shortages of stock, or any fabric is unavailable, we will notify you as soon as possible and suggest an alternative.

We do not and cannot accept “returned” goods. Everything is made to measure and we cannot and will not accept any returned goods unless faulty or damaged within the warranty guarantee.

While Preston Blinds & Shutters work with the highest calibre of suppliers, we are aware that, on occasions, our blinds and shutters may not match every description in respect to shade and colour. There may be minor changes or variations in colour and pattern. We do not accept returned goods on the basis that there is a slight colour difference.

If the goods contain any safety devices and/or are to be fitted in accordance with child safety requirements placing an obligation on all businesses to supply and professionally install safe products, then we will be required to fit such device(s). In the event that you should instruct us that you do not wish to have the safety devices fitted, we will refuse to install the goods. In such an instance, you will still be liable to pay the full price.

All products from Preston Blinds & Shutters come with a warranty. If your blinds or shutters are defective, or damaged or faulty, within a period of 3  days, please contact us at first to discover whether you are entitled to a refund or replacement.

If the blinds and shutters are proved to be damaged by means beyond the customer’s fault, we will arrange for a re-make/replacement order at the soonest convenience.

You should inspect the goods and any installation work as soon as conveniently possible and contact us if you believe there is a problem. You can phone us or email us or write to us using our contact details above to inform us of any issues. We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible. In the event that we are unable to resolve the matter you have the right to pursue the matter through the Small Claims Court. Preston Blinds & Shutters LTD is a UK-based company and is bound by the laws governing England and Wales.