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If you are looking for a solution to sunlight flooding your home, blackout blinds might be the right option for you. Blackout blinds are a popular choice among homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. From blocking out the sunlight in your bedroom to providing an element of privacy and sophistication in all areas of your home, they are an excellent choice for any room. We offer made to measure blackout blinds in a wide variety of colours and styles, with patterns and prints to suit every home.

How do blackout blinds work?

Usually, blackout blinds sit inside the window recess, creating darkness by letting very little light in. However, the blind can also be fitted to sit outside the window recess. This creates an overlap which provides even greater light protection.

Blackout roller blinds

Our most popular style of blackout blinds is the roller blind. Roller blinds are very versatile and stylish and can be made to measure with a fitting service provided. Roller blinds are available in several fabrics including fun patterns, waterproof PVC, and in saturated neutrals or deep colours. They are a simple way to upgrade your home, and can significantly improve light and temperature control.

We offer high-quality, 100% blackout fabric blinds, with every item manufactured in the UK. The vast majority of our customers are highly satisfied with the level of light protection our blinds provide. While no light can pass through the blind fabric, our made to measure fitting service ensures minimal light bleeding around the edges with no overlap.

Why Blackout Blinds

Why choose blackout blinds? A better night’s sleep

Blackout blinds completely block the light coming through your windows. As light is often what wakes us from our sleep or makes it difficult to get to sleep, blackout blinds are the perfect option for light sleepers. Also, the long daylight hours in the Spring and summer can mean an interrupted sleep for many. Blackout blinds can be the perfect solution.

Good for children

Blackout blinds are an excellent way to get children to go to sleep and to keep them in bed longer. Perfect for parents looking to get some free time or some extra hours of rest.

Noise filtering

In addition to blocking out unwanted light, the finish on the reverse side of blackout blinds can reduce noise that may come through your windows. This is perfect for those who live near busy roads or railways.


Blackout blinds also stop light getting out of your windows from inside your home, offering a level of privacy a thinner blind does not.

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